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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Place Your Questions Here:

Here I am.

I'm making myself available to you at absolutely no cost to offer complimentary mortgage and credit advice. I'm willing and able to open the bank doors and let you gaze inside to see the inner workings of the mortgage process. I've invited any inquiry you may have.

You've all sat silent.

I'm glad you have taken the time to read some or even all of my posts. I truly feel there's value in them that you can take away to make things easier for you, or even save you money.

You see, I'm spying on you.

I track my blog with Statcounter. It's an excellent service that helps you track the habits of your visitors for free. I can see what you are typing in the search engines to eventually find my blog. It helps me tailor my content to your needs. Therefore, I've seen your direct questions.

How do I get a good faith estimate?
What credit score do I need to get a mortgage?
Why has my mortgage process taken so long?
How long is a good faith estimate good for?

These are some of the questions you've asked your favorite search engine in just the past few days.

Your search engine is a series of servers in a room somewhere in California. I'm a human being with a mortgage myself. I'd be glad to answer these questions... if you'd only ask them.

Please feel free to use the Comments section of this blog post to ask me anything you wish, or contact me directly. You can also email me at and I'll get back to you promptly. I'm glad to help you, but I'd love to use your concerns to educate everyone that may have been or may soon be in your situation. Thank you.


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